Why choose New Era NMR sample tubes?

  • Uniform sample column
  • Tube configurations for most applications
  • Attain spin rate and auto-shim quickly
  • Collect the best data in the shortest time
  • More efficient use of spectrometer time
  • Move through research more quickly
  • The best overall quality and value


Micro Tube / Capillary Kits
Each kit contains one sample tube, one adapter, one extraction rod and five 2.5mm OD capillaries.


This kit contains: Sample Tube NE-UP5-7, 5mm OD
Capillary NE-262-2.5, Adapter NE-325-5/2.5
Capillary OD 2.5mm, volume 115ul; annular volume 268ul (for 30mm height)


Refer to the Compatibility Chart to select the Micro Tube and Capillary size that would best suit your sample volume and probe.  The kits offer an inexpensive way to get started with micro sampling and additional components are all available separately.  If you don’t find what you need, please inquire. 

Beyond speeding up experiments for very soluble samples, sub-mM concentrations and sample volumes of  15 to 115µl are easily handled by the systems.  Samples are placed into disposable capillaries and gradient -shims are done only on the sample itself.  Other advantages include the possible reduction of temperature gradient effects on the water signal in a 5mm tube and potentially better resolution on smaller diameter samples.  The residual (annular) space between the capillary and the tube can be filled with a lock or reference material as opposed to adding these materials directly into the sample.  This not only keeps your sample as concentrated as possible, it allows easy access to multinuclear (1H, 19F, 2H) measurements.

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