5mm Cryo-Probe Sample Cell

5mm Cryo-Probe Sample Cell
Do you want to identify and characterize metabolic markers in biological samples or samples
with high ionic strength? Such samples greatly reduce the efficiency of a Cryo-Probe by
degrading sensitivity and extending the 90 degree pulse width. This can be resolved by using
a smaller OD tube to give a small air gap between the coil and the sample.

Our 5mm Cryo-Probe Sample Cell and Accessories will help                         
analyze such samples. The following posters describe work
completed by using our sample cells.

                        5mm Cryo-Probe Sample Cell
Posters showing work completed using New Era sample cells can be found at the links given below.

A simple and effective tube construct for salty samples in cryoprobes
Istvan Pelczer, Department of Chemistry, Princeton University

NMR-based Metabolic Profiling of OCD in Horses; Metabolic Profiling and Gender Specific Metabolic Response
Spires J, Kim D, Conover K, Ralston S, Ortved K, Pelczer I
ENC-61, March 8-13, 2020, Hilton Inner Harbor, Baltyimore, MD, poster #096

Laminitis in Horses; NMR-based metabonomics
Dragon JM, Fernandez Jr. P, Garcia D, Kim D, Conover K, Hoijemberg PA, Coleman M, Ralston S, Pelczer I
Computation Aspects of Biomolecular NMR, Gordon Research Conference, June 9-14, 2019, Les Diablerets,
Switzerland, poster #44

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Sample Cell for 5mm Cryo-Probes



4mm Teflon Cap for use with 4mm Sample Cell NE-SLP4-60-RB